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If you play bingo online, then you have probably seen some unfamiliar versions of the game here and there. Although these games may be a bit intimidating in the beginning, they are actually quite similar to one another overall. Find out more about them here.

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In North, America, most people play 75-ball, where there are 75 numbers separated into five groups of 15. The bingo cards are usually headed with B-I-N-G-O and every group appears under a particular letter. After the caller chooses a ball, he will usually call the number with the usual phrase of “N-35″, for instance.

While 75-ball has 5×5 cards with a free center space on each one, 90-ball has 9×3 cards, where there are 90 numbers separated into various groups. Every group appears under a particular column and every card only has 15 numbers on it. Because of this, the games played in 90-ball tend to be limited to single-line, double-lines and full cards.

play bingo games

Play Bingo Games

People who think 75 ball is too fast and 90 ball is too slow tend to play bingo games like 80-ball. This game has 4×4 cards and is extremely popular online due to its variations and speed. Although this game usually begins with single-lines, it can also take on variations like X, outside box, and full cards. Due to the cards’ shape and the amount of combinations available on them, 80-ball bingo tends to move quite fast, too.

Play Bingo Games Online

Regardless of which variation you choose to play, though, you should take full advantage of everything that online bingo websites have to offer you. After all, if you play bingo games online and use all of the features available, you will end up with the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible – believe it.

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