Bingo Numbers 1 Thru 90- The Traditional Bingo Call

 bingo call

Bingo Call

A bingo call is the numbers that are drawn randomly during a game, over time the callers have developed rhyming slang for these. This helps the player remember what call was last, as the rhyme forms an association with the bingo numbers. These calls sometimes change with the times, but the traditional list will always stay.

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Bingo Numbers

A bingo call is unique in that some of them will rhyme and some have even been around for decades. In fact, there are actually rhymes for all the bingo numbers from one to ninety nine and all have been carefully thought out. Typically, the caller will say the number and then the crowd will respond with the rhyme in a call and response manner. However, in other situations, the players will chant the number. Since more and more people are playing online, it can be hard for the participants to do the actual response. As a result, it is more likely that the player will also say the bingo call.

Some of these will have numerous names for them while others might just have one or two. As a result, it can take some time to getting used to them, but soon you will be able to join in with everyone else. In addition, there are some bingo numbers that players will be more likely to hear in certain parts of the world. For example, some bingo calls are more common in England than they are in North America and vice versa. Since more people are playing online, it is now important that you get to understand all the varieties no matter where you actually live.

Most of the bingo calls are rhymes with the number being chosen. For example, number eight also goes by the call of garden gate, golden gate, at the gate, Harry Tate, on fat lady, she’s always late, Sexy Kate, is she in yet, Wow I could have had a B8. This last one is more typically found in the United States than in other countries around the world.

On the other hand, number nine doesn’t have nearly the same number of calls associated with it as others might have. In fact, it has only two including doctor’s orders and dinner time.
Number ten has several more such as Downing Street, cock and hen, Uncle Ben, a big fat hen and King Blair’s den. Downing Street is the street on which the English prime minister lives so that is one bingo call which a player is more likely to hear when participating in an online game which originates in England.

Number eleven has several different bingo calls associated with it including legs eleven, Legs, they’re lovely, Kelly’s legs number eleven, chicken legs and skinny legs. This is one exception to the rhyming rule where there are not a whole lot of words which rhyme with eleven and therefore this number call is slightly different than with other numbers.

Because the number twelve is also known as a dozen, most of the calls with this particular number also show this fact. For example, with eleven are such things as one dozen, one and two, a dozen, a monkey’s cousin (rhymes with dozen) and one doz. Again, some of those don’t rhyme, but you will clearly understand what number has just been called.

The same goes for number thirteen as well as they calls are unlucky for some, devil’s number and baker’s dozen. Of course, a baker’s dozen is thirteen and many high rises will skip the number thirteen out of fear of bad luck.

These are just a few of the examples that you will see when you play and start hearing and saying the numbers for yourself. The bingo numbers add an extra level of excitement and will be easy to learn over time.

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